Company Overview
Unlock Asia 
Strategy613 is an advisory firm focused on providing effective, innovative and customised solutions for our clients.  We serve international corporates looking to expand operations in Asia, China and Thailand in particular; as well as Asian corporates seeking opportunities outside its natural borders.  Our core services are strategic and M&A advisory.

We have also advised the governments of Thailand and China on topics including retailing, energy and security.  We are aware of high-level debates on economic and social policies in China and are capable of reading the political trends that shape the future of businesses. 
We have experience where it counts:
Building profitability for 
foreign-Chinese joint ventures
Executing complex M&A 
transactions in China’s
regulatory environment
Maintaining close relations with the
relevant Party, Government and
​business organisations 

Most importantly, each client is unique in character, comes equipped with different strengths and has distinct needs for their expansion plans. We therefore blend our service to the particular requirements of each client; and are equally comfortable offering M&A, strategic or operational advice. essentially unchanged.


​The relationship between Strategy613 ’s founder, Joe Horn, and the leaders of China and Thailand spans three generations.  In the 1950 ’s Joe’s grandfather, Sang Phathanothai, was a close personal advisor to the Thai Prime Minister Field Marshal Pibulsongkram.  At the height of the Cold War, he advised the Prime Minister to initiate secret links with the very top level of Chinese leadership (Thailand was at the time under the protective umbrella of the United States).  As a token of good intention, he sent two of his children to China to be brought up by the Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. Joe’s mother, Sirin Phathanothai, was raised by the Premier for 13 years, until the Cultural Revolution. 
For nearly 40 years, Sirin has acted as a bridge between the political and business leaders of China and Thailand, as well as those of Europe, the US, and the Middle East. She has successfully paved the way for many high-level state visits, and introduced many foreign banks and corporates to China since the late 1970’s.